January 23, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

23rd January, 1954

Dear folks,

Time has passed.  I’ve still my lessons to get for tomorrow but first I’ll dash off a few lines to you, as post is so irregular these days that when it does go I like to get it all off.  I was glad to get two letters from you the other day.  I was glad to hear about Jim.  I am wondering where he is in Europe.  I suppose that I’ll hear.  It seems funny or strange to think that another of the family is on foreign soil.  I suppose he got good and sea sick.

We are always so busy at school.  So many papers to correct, etc.  My time is always taken with it.

I was glad to hear about the family reunion.  That was a real nice thing to do.  You must have had a housefull, too.

Our rainy season has been one of not much rain.  We will be scarce of water on this station, I am afraid.  We are so many here, 200 or more living right here.

I have some good soup cooking on the stove.  I got a soup bone in town last week when Warren went in.  We’ve been having some fresh corn which has been lovely for a change.  At present we have nothing in our garden.  I’m working with the girl trying to get one started.

Well, I just must get at those lessons.  It is ten o’clock already.  I hope that Pa is feeling O.K.  I know it must be quite a concern and worry wondering how he will be each day.  The Lord is your portion, I know.

Well I must say good nite.

Love to all,

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