February 4, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Msengedzi Mission Station
P/B 6  P. O. Dawson
February 4

Dear folks,

It seems as if it has been ages since we have sent any post out and also have received any.  We had a big downpour of rain a week ago and it flooded all around so travel has been at a stand still.  But a boy is supposed to go on Wednesday now and we hope that he will return on Friday or Saturday.

It seems so long since I heard from you.  I am back in the swing of things here just as if I had never been away.  So it seems.  The new school building is real nice, nothing fancy but a nice type of a building with a very nice office for me, plus a desk and a chair.  I really feel quite ritzy.  The school has openings on one side like windows but no windows and on the other side it is all blackboard made of cement and at the top near the roof there are several openings for more ventilation and so there is good circulation all the time in there and plenty of light.

We have enrollment of 61.  I believe that this school is starting on an upward turn now and before too long we will have more children than we can handle.  They seem to have more of an idea of what a school really is and I suppose that the building helps some, too.  The people seem to have more money, too, than what they used to have.  Every child has brought their shilling school fee already whereas before most of them would have to work for us in order to get a shilling for such a thing.  I have a Standard 6 boy who comes from Inga’s school who is helping with the teaching.  Some day I’ll send a picture of the building to you.

As to the place where I live.  Boy has it ever been a job to get settled and teach at the same time.  Anyway I am about as settled now as I can get until we get our boxes.  I don’t suppose that I’ll get those things until after the rain.  I’m so anxious to see how the dishes and things traveled.  Tell Pa that I wish he would send me some good screen door catches and also springs.  These doors are hanging open about four inches.  We have a large veranda now on this house and that is screened, so it will be a lovely place to sit in the evenings and our yard furniture will be honkey dorey there.  Wyn has two deck chairs coming so that will be real nice.  In our living room we don’t have much though.  Some day I hope to get a chair.  I bought a stove in Salisbury and it has a little tank on it so that makes it real nice.  I never saw these types of stoves have one before.  I never did get my sewing machine when I was there, but I can get it some other time.

Did I tell you that the first week end that we were here we went over to the Blairs and returned just before this heavy downpour of rain?  It was good to see them.  I am to be one of the two bridesmaids at Lillian’s wedding which is planned to be the first part of May just after our Conference and it will be at the Blairs’ station where she is.  He is very young in action as well as age but I guess he is a nice Christian fellow.  I bought the material for my dress when I was in Salisbury.  It is blue.  She tells us how she wants it made, etc.

It almost seems as if I have not been away.  The people look and act the same.  Beer flows quite heavily around as they have had plenty of grain.

There are lots of new kids in school and so there is a good place to give the Gospel.  Some don’t know a thing.

My old Aladdin is on the job again.  I had a chimney for it and a couple of mantels and so I have it working again.  The more I think of it I doubt very much if I can convert it into a No. 12 lamp.  The lantern will be swell for on the veranda.  The weather is not as hot now as it was yet it is far from cool.

The Jackson children are still breaking dishes as per usual.  Here’s hoping that mine escape them.  The baby has changed so much.

I trust that by now you have gotten a car.  I’m anxious to hear from you all.  Here’s hoping that this post has lots of letters.  I have so many to write, too.  It is the same old story with me.  Always letters to write.  I believe that I shall quit for now and before I mail this I shall try and add some more.  Good night for now.

February 6

I’ll just add a little more before I seal this but really I don’t know much in the way of news.  As to my help, I have a girl who does my cooking, etc., and another little squirt who is supposed to be a helper, too.  The kitchen girl is very good even if she is small.  I’m doing the cooking this month and next month will be Wyn’s turn.

Well, I have written to Radio Chapel, to Rayburns and now I must write to Nashua.  I haven’t time to write to individuals.  I trust that this finds you all OK.  Let me know all the happenings.  How nice that Gladys and Clarence came at Christmas.


From inside Eunice’s house at Msengedzi

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