January 18, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

January 18, 1951

Dear folks,

Several times today I’ve thought of this being the big day for Don and DeLores.  I must write to them soon.

We arrived in Beira on the 14th and Martin, the new missionary of ours, met us there and he was able to take a goodly number of our suitcases and small trunks with him in his pick-up to Salisbury.  He had come down to get his car which had landed there.  We didn’t ride to Salisbury with him as we were a little afraid of the roads, but he didn’t have any trouble.  We came on the train and got in Salisbury Monday 15th around six o’clock. Dunkelds were there to meet us.  We had to leave our big things to come on a freight train, as it will be hard telling when we’ll see them.  I don’t suppose until sometime after the rain.  I didn’t have to pay one penny of duty; I never saw customs so easy before.

I’ve been running around here in Salisbury ever since getting supplies, etc., for the next months.  We aren’t leaving here until Monday 22nd, the day before school opens.  I’ll certainly be busy so don’t count on too many letters.  I’ve gotten two from you here.  Thanks heaps.  I was so sorry to hear about the accident but also very thankful that they weren’t hurt any worse.  I trust that you’ll manage to get a car soon.

I’m in such a hurry that I won’t tarry long on any one thing.  Glad to hear about the desk.  I’m anxious to see the picture.  My black and white pictures turned out very good and I’ll send some to you one of these days.

Lillian is supposed to get married in April providing everything gets along OK.  The Dunkelds are fine.  Lois has changed so much.  The climate is almost cool here.

I got an innerspring mattress today for my bed.  They have them here and they aren’t too expensive.  Am I ever glad that I didn’t get one at home.  I also bought a stove and now I have to get a sewing machine and a bicycle.  I had quite a little money here in the bank so that is why I’m able to get these things now.  There is about anything one wants here in Salisbury except coffee – no coffee beans and no Nescafe.  What a life for me.

Muriel has been with me all day here in town.  She is a good kid now, no trouble at all.  So different than a few years back.  I’ve about walked the legs off of her.  I hope we get down to the valley without trouble in the way of mud.  They have had good rains all over this year.  The new fellow is going to be with Everswicks.  Mary D. is also here and will be going back to Mavuradonha Monday.

Was nice of Gladys and C. to come at Christmas.  I’m sorry I didn’t get to see them.  Well I must go and do some more shopping.  Bye.


Salisbury street scene

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