February 12, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

February 12
13th Your Anniversary

Dear folks,

Tomorrow is your 38th anniversary.  May the Lord bless you in a special way.

We sent up for post last week and the boy returned saying that there wasn’t any post up there for us.  It is quite a complicated mess now trying to get post from the post office at Darwin.  We really haven’t gotten any since we’ve come down here.  I surely hope that he returns this time with something.  What a job it is to write when we don’t get any letters.

Tell any of the sisters, etc., whom you see not to give up in despair but to have patience.  I might get around to writing them a letter some day.

It has been dry now for some time and quite hot.  School has been going on as per usual.  Nothing too exciting.  Did I tell you that since my return I’ve caught two red-handed stealing?  One stealing money, something I’ve never known them to do before.

My girl washed today or rather this evening.  She isn’t much bigger than your oldest niece so you can imagine how she goes about working a sheet.  Anyways she had three of them and she didn’t do too bad considering.

My radio is working very nicely and it is so nice to have.  I certainly appreciate it.  Wyn has quite a good one, too.

Well, news is really scarce.  There is a good crowd who came to the meetings on Sunday and during the week but we really don’t have a growth in our Christians that we would like to see.  But it is good that we aren’t their final judge.

School goes along very well.  We have a very good attendance.  I’m wondering how the weather is, how you all are, if Don got married and if he is still around, etc., etc.  Have you a new car?  I haven’t had a decent cup of coffee since I left the States.  One can’t even buy the green beans now and this stuff that you buy with chicory in just about gets me at times, but I’ve drank more of that then I ever did before.  Nescafe is so expensive out here now that they no longer have it in most stores.  Tea is expensive, too.  How are prices at home?

Love to you all,

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