March 4, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

P.B. 16 Bindura
4th March, 1954

Dear folks,

Your letter came in the last post with the pictures.  Thanks so much.  They were good of Jim, especially the one.  The one with Louise wasn’t as good of him.  She is very nice looking I think.  I haven’t written to him.  I guess I should.  It just seems so hard for me to get these letters all written.

I’m glad to hear that the pigs, and cattle have done well for Larry.  I’m glad that he is carrying on so well.  I’m sure that he is kept real busy.  I suppose that he has changed quite a lot since I last saw him.

Tonight at the meeting eleven took the Lord as their Saviour.  They are the first for this year.

Our head teacher’s son died this past week with malaria.  It was their only son.  They have three older girls.  When this boy was born this past year they were so pleased.  It has been very hard for them but they have been marvelous.  The Everswicks took them with it into Bindura but there was nothing they could do with it.  When he died, they buried him the following morning in Bindura.  Thelma helped to arrange things.  It was sad but not like the heathen people.

It seems as if I cannot think of much else to write.  Sometimes it is that way with me.  I can’t think of a thing to write which is worthwhile.  Our rains are about finished for this year and we haven’t had too many either.  It won’t be too long before Conference time.  We are going over where Effie is at Rusambo.  I guess she finds it hard over there with the language.  We speak English here most of the time except for teaching Bible so I’m losing out on the Shona.  I even don’t use the word “hama1Shona for relative.” much anymore.

Talk about good ice cream and my mouth waters.  Do you still buy all of those good kinds?  Maple pecan is mine.  I’m supposed to be on a diet now, and so are Mary and Marie.  Marie is quite short and she is real big in the hips.  Her top part isn’t so big but she is exceptionally so in the hips so we are all on one.  I have done O.K. so far but right now I’m plenty hungry.  You know on a good diet you don’t need to get too hungry.  I eat lots of lean meat and vegetables.

Well, I’m glad to hear about Pa and how he feels, etc.  I’ll be glad to hear about Jim so when you hear let me know.  How are all of the various members of the family?  Evelyn hasn’t written for over a year I believe.

Well this will be all for now.


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