December 10, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

11:45 p.m. – 10th December

Dear Everyone at home,

As you see this is no hour for letter writing but it has been a hectic day and it is only now that I’ve found any time to write.  I’ve had all of the final school reports to get ready to send into the government when Mary and the Brutons leave for town early tomorrow morning and on top of that I cooked a big dinner for everyone tonight (as a farewell for Mary), and then we had to take off a couple hours to go to school to see an entertainment which the school put on besides the answering of the so-called door-bell for hours on end which Gladys sent me last year.  It was very good.  I followed the Betty Crocker receipt.  Mary has wanted me to make one all year and so I just got at it today.  Tomorrow morning early we say good-bye to the boarders and Mary and the Brutons leave for town.  Lillian and Les will be here.

We have had terrible trouble of getting post in or out as the buses are broken down.  We don’t know how everyone will get home tomorrow.  Their people have sent bus fare which is in the post wherever it is and anyway there is no bus.  One did come tonight however so some will be able to go on it.

This letter is to wish you all a very happy Christmas.  You can know that my thoughts will be with you.  Your box is sitting in my bedroom waiting for the day.  I trust that you’ll have a real nice day.  I’m wondering what you are planning.  Maybe when the post comes again I’ll have a letter in it from you.

I will write soon again so I won’t write much more tonight as I’m so tired and I must write to Ila.  I’ve never told her that her parcels have come.  I trust that you are all well and enjoying nice winter weather.  The perspiration is running off of me as I write this. Our regular rains haven’t started although it has threatened and threatened.

The Lord bless you.  I’m sorry I’m in such a rush.

Lovingly in Him,

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