December 27, 1954

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

27th December, 1954

Dear folks,

I still haven’t received any post from you as we haven’t gotten it, but we are hoping to get it this week.  I am anxious to get it, as you can imagine.

Christmas has come and gone.  We had a very nice one too.  Our Christmas Eve was very nice and Christmas Day service at the church was also well-attended and was blessed of the Lord.

I haven’t received the notice about the money which you said you sent, but, no doubt, I soon shall.  I certainly thank you for the nice things which you and Ila gave and not the least those delicious mixed nuts.  I certainly like them in a big way.  I like the candy, too, but not quite as well as the nuts.  The housecoat Ila sent is nice.  She did real well on those bows.  I appreciate it, too.  I forgot to mention the cotton slip.  It really is a nice one and I like it for the nylon dresses.  It is one of the nicest cotton slips I have ever had.

Not hearing, I have no idea how things are with you all, so I can only pray that God will give you each whatever portion of grace you are needing.  I trust that I shall soon hear.

We are still having lots of the rain, the most that I have ever seen for Rhodesia in December.

Well, I believe that this will be all for this time.  I know that I haven’t said much but anyway you’ll know that I’m constantly thinking of you all.

With much love,

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