December 13, 1954

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

13th December, 1954

Dear folks,

This is Monday and we came into town last Wednesday and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to write but this morning [text missing – letter torn] we go shopping I’ll get this off to you.

First, I want to wish you a Happy Christmas.  I hope that you have a nice day.  I got a letter from you on the way into town.  You said that Jim was sending something.  I’d sure love to but there doesn’t seem to be much which would be appropriate to send and it is always the little item of money involved.

You’ll be surprised to hear what I’ve done.  The packages came which Ila sent and I opened the one with the dresses in and I’m so pleased with them.  The reason I opened them I thought I could probably wear them now; why wait until Christmas when I wouldn’t be able to wear them until April and maybe it would be August.  Anyway I’m so thankful for them and so pleased.  She sewed them perfectly and to fitting.  The navy one is a bit long is all.  So you were wise to do it that way.  Thanks so very much.  I don’t have a dark slip in here for the navy one but the other nylon I’ve worn twice already.  The nylon that she sent quite some time ago which she bought I wore to the wedding on Saturday.  I certainly thank you all.

The wedding went off quite nicely on Saturday.  We had it in the Baptist church home and some of the workers helped in the decorating and in the tea afterwards.  We had tea, small cakes, and sandwiches afterwards.  She had a very nice dress with two bridesmaids, a little bridesmaid – the small sister of Julia’s, and a flower girl and ring-bearer.  We do our weddings differently than they do out here so it was a mixture of each in many respects.  Most of the missionaries were present.

It rained the whole day and yesterday was also rainy.  This morning it has cleared.  Most of the missionaries want to get back to their stations but we fear the roads will be bad.  We are planning to go a week from today.  We are staying at the Y.W.C.A. and it makes it very nice for us.  It is my idea of a stay in town.  Not expensive, no meals to prepare, a decent room and bed, quiet and peace.  We are very thankful that we were able to get this place.  The Y. is small and very difficult to be able to get any accommodations in it.

I have a lot of shopping to do.  School books, etc., etc.  The flowers are so pretty in town now.  I enjoy them so much.  Betty’s flowers at the wedding were beautiful.  The Baptist church has a good pastor so it is nice to be able to attend some of the services.

Well, it is about time to get ready for breakfast and then to get downtown.  I’ll try to write again before long.  I’ll be anxious to hear who are all home for Christmas.  Thanks so much also for the snapshots which you sent.  Pa looked so natural in them and it appears that you have lost a lot of weight.  Is that true?  You looked real nice in all but that one where you were sitting behind one of Gladys’ girls – ha.  Her kids are big.  The little ones seem very pretty.  I was glad to get them and to see them.  Now I must stop.


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