November 5, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission Station
5th November, 1954

Dear folks,

I decided that tonight I would get some of my letters written as Warren is planning to make a trip to town for some building supplies and so that will give us an opportunity to send out post.  The bus is not running and so we are having a difficult time getting our post in and out.  It has been quite some time now since we have had any.  I’m sure hoping that I get one from you when it does come.  I thought that I would write this time with the typewriter as my pen is such a terrible thing to write with.

We have had it very hot and now tonight it is trying to rain.  It has already put down a few drops and it gives it that rainy feeling.  We haven’t had any since last February, I believe.  I’ve been sleeping out on the veranda and it is a lot cooler.  I sleep on my cot.  The old cot is getting pretty old and I’m predicting the worst for it as I’ve had it ever since I have come to Africa.  It certainly is hard to teach in the afternoons when it is so hot.  They say that down at Msengedzi it has been 116 degrees in the shade.  We had 111 degrees here one day, but I believe that officially it may not have been that hot.

This coming week are our big government examinations for our highest standard in school and the following week is exams for the rest of the students.  Last week we had to expel eight of our students, four boys and four girls.  They were found down in the bush back of the girls’ house after dark.  I guess they have been meeting down there regularly for quite some time.  Anyway they were all sent home and since they have left, we have heard through some of the other students that one of the girls had been expelled four times before from other schools and one three times and one twice.  They were new to us this year.  Well so it goes in Africa.

The men are rushing to get building done before the rains and I don’t know if they are going to get it all done or not.  Wilbur Beach has been out for months building teachers’ houses at our various school sites and he still has a couple yet.  Then at the new station at Kandeya, they were rushing like everything to get that building done which means several buildings.  The Jacksons were there living in a tent and also the new missionaries, the Hendricksons.  I guess, though, the heat and everything really got too much for them so they have all gone back home.  Merl Bloom came home today.  He has had terrible nose bleeds.  I guess it is from the heat.  He is wanting to take his wife and little boy back with them now, as they are to live there.  However their house has no floor or plaster on yet.  Of course they can live in it without but she isn’t the type to rough it much.  Some of our new missionaries want everything pretty posh.

I heard over the radio that the day of election was a snowy one for several places in the States.  I wonder if it was where you are.  I hear also that the Democrats got the majority this time.  I hear that the President isn’t too well liked.  Is that true?

It sounds like a car is coming in here but perhaps it is only on the road.  Did I tell you that I now teach the wives of the Bible School reading?  I have a class for them three times a week as that is all the time that I can take for it.  Well, I’ve had to move in from the veranda as it got too windy for my Aladdin.

I guess I’ll leave the rest of this space and write a couple of lines before I send it.

It is Saturday nite so I’ll finish this as they are going into town tomorrow afternoon.  How was Evelyn and family?  I wish you would give me a little summary of everybody.  I sure don’t hear from many of them.  I wouldn’t mind a letter once in a great while but it seems futile to suggest it.  Is Molealms’ house done?  If so, what is it like?  How are Harold and Jill, also Don and DeLoris?  I don’t even know how to spell her name.  What are their families like?

How is Pa these days?  I suppose you will say in your letter which I’m hoping to get.  Well it is time for me to get to bed so I’ll have to close.  I wrote to Mr. Sentman, too, this evening.  I trust that you are feeling quite well.  I’ll certainly like to drop in for a visit but that is certainly foolish thinking.  Excuse me.

Love to all,

[p.s.] I thought of Gladys yesterday on her birthday.

[p.p.s.] This typing is really bad.  I confess I just go along, mistakes or no mistakes, when I type letters to you.  The spelling must irk you terribly.  Too bad you aren’t like me then it wouldn’t bother you at all how a word is spelled.

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