August 7, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

August 7, 1951

Dear folks,

This is my first letter this afternoon and I had planned to write several but I also had some beans to can and here the afternoon is about gone and I’m just getting started at this job.  I got nine pints from the garden and I’m doing them in our two pressure cookers so it takes a while.  Yesterday I canned tomatoes, a few.  Now my jars are finished so I’ll not be bothered.  The garden is very nice – lovely carrots, beans, lettuce, and beets.

Well, the week of meetings are over.  The Everswicks were here from Wednesday nite until Monday morning so we had quite a lot of entertaining to do.

Your letter of July 16th came this week.  Several letters came in that post and everyone mentioned about the rains and floods.  You really must be well blessed with moisture.  So different than here.  Yes, it sounds as if Lois really gets herself around.  I would enjoy the yard.  There is no doubt about that.  I’m sorry to hear about the pain and the stiff neck.  No doubt the cold and dampness is the cause.  I had just been wondering if Dr. Wentworth had charged and how much.  I was going to ask you, so it is good to know.  I’m sure that he didn’t overcharge.  It was nice of him.

The meetings were quite well attended and there were some who made profession.  The native evangelists from Mavuradonha were a blessing.  Norman was the preacher after they came.  They are looking forward to going home but new workers are so very slow in coming out.  It is hard to understand why the Brutons are having such a difficult time financially when they are needed so badly.

Field Committee meets around the 23rd or 24th of August up at Mavuradonha so I’ll be going up there for a day or so at any rate.  I believe Inga will not be there as she is planning on going into town during the school holiday so I guess that I won’t see her.

What do you know for news?  I haven’t lost anything for a couple of weeks; I’m still 140 pounds so this week I’m really trying to lose.  I want to see how it feels to be 135 pounds again.  Gladys says she has gained but she didn’t say how much.

Well, since news is scarce and also time I believe that I shall close for now.  I trust that the rain has subsided and that you are feeling better and that you are going south this fall.  Isn’t it silly of Mrs. Bennett to marry such an old man?  I can’t see it either but they do all sorts of things because of what they call love.  Wyn has it bad and I guess Martin has, too, but she is over eight years older than he, so I can’t see that it is ideal.  His mother is only three years older than I.  He is 22 now; Wyn 31 this month.  Here’s hoping that I never do anything too silly – Ha.  No danger.

Hello to everyone.


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