August 14, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

14th August, 1951

Dear folks,

Another week has rolled around and tomorrow post is supposed to go out again.  In last week’s post I received a letter from you and also papers and magazines.  Really you have no idea how welcome those magazines are.  Please keep them coming.  Do you mind?  I’m glad that you got that silverware.  I’d like to see it.  I’m sleepy.  Oh yes, I’m sitting here writing and drinking your coffee.  I haven’t indulged in any of it for a long time.  Seems as if I’ve written that I’ve done this before when I’ve written to you.

Yesterday Lillian and Les were over.  They came for grain to feed the workmen at the Dande.  They returned this morning.  In a few days Orla, Les and Martin will be coming to begin work on the church here, so it is planned that I’ll have two men to cook for.  Next Thursday, a week yet, school closes for a three-week holiday.  We, the Field Committee, are going to meet at Mavuradonha, then we’ll go up on Thursday afternoon.  The Dunkelds will be coming back this way for a little visit.

You folks should see the huge carrots that I get out of the school garden.  My, how I’ve enjoyed the vegetables.  I suppose Larry and Jim think I’m crazy.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why they don’t care for lovely vegetables.

I received a letter from Maude down the road, too, in the last post.  It was nice of her to write.  By the way, whatever is Mrs. Heft’s husband’s name?  I can’t for the life of me think of it and I’ve wanted to send her my circular.

I’ve never had one letter yet from my Baptist friends in Greene.  The Nashua folks often write.  Mrs. McRoberts favored me with one the other day, as well as several others.  I appreciate their writing.  I don’t seem to know of much news.  I had a letter from Aunt Maud a short while ago, too.  She is still “upset and nervous” since Uncle Frank’s death.

I whacked off a lot of my hair the other day again.  It was getting too long.  I also took in some of my dresses.  Boy that is a job and I don’t care for it.

How have the oats turned out?  Is it still warm?  I hope so for the corn’s sake.  It is getting warmer here.  How is the new car behaving?  I’d love a ride in it.  Well, I’ll be expecting to hear all about your trip south after you get back.

Really, I don’t know of anything of interest to write to you about.

Have you done any canning?  How are the pigs, chickens, etc., etc.?  What new things have you gotten this summer on the farm?  How is the machine shed standing?  You haven’t gotten the house painted yet, eh?  I still have rats but they don’t seem to be bothering in the bedroom.  I keep a cat in the house every nite.

Well, I shall stop this.  I trust that this finds you all well and I’d love to see the yard, Larry.  Why don’t you write?  You big so and so.


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