July 31, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

July 31, 1951

Dear folks,

We haven’t gotten the mail for two weeks now so I don’t have a recent letter from you.  I’m hoping that when we do get post that there will be one from you.

Today the government school inspector was here so I’ve gone through the mill with him, so to speak.  He wasn’t too happy about some things he saw.  My native teacher is hopeless and so the way he was teaching didn’t please him in the least.

We are having a week of special meetings now.  Started Sunday but our crowds haven’t been very great since Sunday.  Sunday morning we had a very fine attendance (240) and the message by the native evangelist from Mavuradonha was very good.  The devil certainly isn’t pleased with our witness here and is doing all he can to hinder.  Last week the people in one village told us that they didn’t want us to come there and preach.  They said that they didn’t want to have any business with God.  They said that we preach eternal life, yet why do we die and also why do we get sick, and have we ever seen anybody arise from the dead, etc.  Anyway I intend to keep going to that village even though very few come.

My support came for the end of June and I see that Ila has sent me $25.00 and also the Leonard Anderson family.  Wasn’t that nice of them?  Lois’ money is in this support, too.  The Lord is good in supplying my material needs.

I’m sitting here waiting and drinking some of your good coffee.  Haven’t I been at it before when I’ve written to you?  Ha.  It seems so long since we’ve gotten post.

Ah yes, Sunday afternoon we also had a good meeting at our church and an evangelist spoke.  There are three from Mavuradonha here this week, and just across the way there was a big beer drink going on at the same time.  They don’t often have those so near us but Sunday they were going strong.

Orla Blair was over with a load of his people, not his family.  He went home Monday.  Tomorrow we expect the Everswicks and they will be here the week-end.  So we are having a little unusual activity.

OK, I suppose that I should get weighed so that I can report for you; I’ll do it the next time.  I haven’t been losing much if any the past week.  Tonight I broke down and ate an ear of nice fresh corn.  I just couldn’t resist.

Can you realize that it is August already?  Winter will soon be upon you again.  By the time you get this you’ll be thinking about that fall hat.  Say Mom, how are you managing your hair?  Have you had a perm lately?  I suppose that you will soon be combining, or have you already?  It has been so long since I heard from you.

Well, I must stop.  I want to go to bed and relax after this big day.  Say, maybe you could also send me that magazine which you get in the A & P, the Woman’s Day, for 5¢.  I believe I’d enjoy it.


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