April 21, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

April 21, 1952

Dear folks,

It is 8:00 a.m. Monday and soon post must go but I’ll try and get a line off to you.  I’ve been neglecting my letter writing something awful these weeks.  I’ve heard from you last week and I got those pictures from Ila which she took when home of you folks in the room.  I really appreciate such pictures.  It is such a nice way to do.  She must take some every time.  The occasional chair and lamp are lovely.  The room looked so nice.  Of course so did the main objects, but I believe that it would be better taken at night as the sun seemed to cut your features somewhat and it wasn’t as clear as it would be otherwise.  Perhaps my diagnosis is wrong.

Next week is Conference here.  They come this Friday.  School closes Friday, too.  We’ve been having exams last week and this, so I only go down to school at the hour of my exams, so I have none today.

My cook boy got twin girls this past week.  One was born Friday nite around 1:00 a.m. and around 2:00 he called me and I said that the other would come in time so I didn’t go down.  Well it didn’t come Saturday nor Sunday.  She was in labor part of the time and so finally we decided it must be lodged.  So the Jacksons had to go to town Monday so they loaded the whole family, plus a native midwife and her husband, in the back of the lorry and started off on these rough roads to the hospital in Bindura and just before they reached Darwin the baby was born.  Petro, my cook boy, was so happy, as all of the people thought she was going to die, although I knew she was in good condition.  They even had moved her from the main hut to a shack as they didn’t want her to die in their house.  So now today Petro is back on the job and I’m glad for that.  So much for such stuff.

I made myself a nice seersucker dress between times this past week.  It looks quite good.  I have my Conference dresses out now, just print ones.  I have not kept my lovely figure so therefore I’ve a lot of dresses which I altered which are too small for me.  So I absolutely refuse to take them out again – punishing myself.  After Conference, I’m taking myself in hand again and get in condition for my holiday in August.  Ha.

Well, thanks, too, for the magazines, etc., which have come.  How are the chickens, pigs, etc.?  How is Lois standing up these days?  I’m anxious to hear about Don and DeLores’ blessed event.  Till wrote about their expectations, which is nice for them.

Well, I must get this in the post and get it off.  I trust that this finds you all well and not trying to turn the night into day by working all hours.


Eunice’s students at Mavuradonha

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