May 6, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

6th May, 1952

Dear folks,

It has been a very long time ago since I wrote, and it has also been quite some time ago since I heard from you, but post should come tonight, although it is getting rather late.  I’ve been so very busy that I just haven’t had time to write a scratch to anyone.  Now, school is out for a holiday of four weeks.  Conference for this year is already history, and at the moment I’m head over heels in house work.  I’ve been moving into my new kitchen and pantry yesterday and today.

The post didn’t come.  The bus has just gone and no post.  That driver hasn’t brought us post for over a week now.  So it goes with natives; they are so undependable.  The only thing which you can depend upon them for is exorbitant prices for anything they have to sell, or for any service rendered to you by them.

There is an alley here between it and the main house.

Back to the kitchen and pantry.  It is surely nice.  We used it for a dining room during Conference.  The kids ate in the pantry.  This drawing is supposed to show you what it is like.  My map directions are a little different than what you usually find.  There is a veranda on the east side, or the front, of the kitchen.  The pantry has shelves all the way to the ceiling, which is wonderful.  Then in each side of the two long walls is a narrow shelf which I use for my spices, etc.  Now, I have to paint in the bedroom and living room (so-called).

We had a nice Conference and being that we could accommodate everyone nicely, it made it comfortable for everyone.  We have quite a few buildings here and so we didn’t need to put anyone but Freddie and Dickie in tents.  We didn’t have quite as large a gang of kids as usually but they managed to keep the place plenty noisy and lively.  The new single girls are very nice.  I especially like Effie Byrd.  She is to come here later in the year to help teach next year.  Mary Danielson is going home on furlough.  The Jacksons and Lillian and Les are also due next year.  Mary is away now.  She and Muriel have gone to the Falls.  I’m going out in August for a holiday but where or what I’ll do, I haven’t a clue.  Not much to do alone.  Inga has been accepted by the South Africa General Mission and she will be going to one of their stations here in the eastern part of the Colony.  I’m expecting her to come out next week.

I see your last letter which I’ve received was written April 10.  I’ve heard over the radio about the floods in the Middlewest.  It must have been terrible.  I enjoyed the pictures which Ila took while home.  It was nice to see the house.  I’m wondering what your spring is like and how the crops are coming as well as all of your livestock.  Did you get all of your entertaining done?  I’m wondering, too, about Don and DeLores.  I’m waiting for the news.  Soon it will be the wedding.

The quarterly receipts report has just (last week) come and I see that you sent $50.00 to me in March.  Thanks so much.  I guess I’ll keep it for my holiday time.  That always takes extra and then it is like Russ Jackson says: you figure that you don’t need a thing until you get into town and then you seem to lack all sorts of things.

We did considerable business during our Conference.  We are so short manned.  We need many more workers.  They plan to start a Bible School here next year when Norman gets back.

Well, I guess I’ll go to bed although if I stay up until 10 o’clock I can hear your friend, Exp. of Back to the Bible Broadcast.  Last night I heard Fuller.  I enjoyed it so much.  It comes on at 10 o’clock, too.  Usually I don’t stay up for these programs as it is just too late for me while school is in session.

My cook boy is going to leave me.  His wife wants to go to her village, which is not near here.  So he will be leaving me soon.  I told you, didn’t I, that they have twins now.  It is such a problem to get help here.  I really don’t know what I’ll do.

Well, I trust that this finds you all well as it leaves me.  I hope the post soon comes and that there is a letter from you.

Love to all,

My house with Freddie and Dickie sprawled out on the step. I now have a nice path with lantanas starting to grow leading to it and the yard is fenced and around the house I have flowers, so it looks better than this now. Right by here is where the people always traveled until I put the fence up. Windows by the bush are my bedroom windows; also another around the corner. The others are in the living room.

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