April 8, 1952

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

April 8

Dear folks,

I didn’t hear from you this past week.  I rather looked for a letter in tonight’s post but I didn’t get one from anyone.

Are you having spring weather?  I read in the newspapers out here that there have been several tornadoes around in the States.  How are your chickens and pigs, etc., coming?

The Jacksons are here now and they are boarding with me and what a place this is most of the time.  They are building the kitchen to my domain.  It is a kitchen with a pantry.  It will be quite nice when they get it all finished.  I surely will appreciate it and I’m sure my cook boy will, too.

Next week and the week following we give term examinations in school and then we are out for a four-week holiday, the first week being Conference here.  Today the tsetse fly ranger from Msengedzi came through on his way to Bindura.  He looked the same as always.  So he has the road fixed to the Msengedzi River but the Dunkelds, being on the other side, will not be able to come that way for Conference but they will have to go around Sipolilo way.

Russ and Warren went in the bush today with their cars to get poles for the roof of my house and Warren’s car broke down, so now he has to get that taken apart and take it into town to be fixed.  They have had considerable trouble with their car since they have been out here.  It wasn’t new when they got it and I guess that explains a lot of the difficulty.

News seems scarce around here.  My roses are blooming lovely at the moment.  The radio is still battery-less, but if Warren goes to town perhaps he can get some for me.

Here it is the next morning and I still have nothing to write about.  I suppose Lois will be home for Easter.  I guess I should write to Inga.  She is still in Salisbury.  Well, I trust that this finds you all well and not working too hard.

Are you sending some yeast off and in an envelope?  I’d sure appreciate it.  It surely takes regular post a long time to come.  In last post I got a letter from a girl at Moody telling me about Founder’s Week.  She wrote just after Founder’s Week and in Jill’s last letter she tells me about your trip to Evelyn’s.

Well, I must quit.


[p.s.] The Pathfinders came. Thanks.

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