May 14, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

[Transcriber’s note: The written date on this letter was torn off, but the postmark is dated 14 May 1951.]

Salisbury – May [page torn]

Dear folks,

Here it is 6:45 a.m.  I’m all packed, ready to go home and I just decided I’d try and get a line off to you before I leave.  Here’s hoping the Jacksons don’t get ready too quick.  Everswicks just left for their station.  They are being moved to Inga’s station and the new missionary, Uppendahl, will be staying on at their station.  He brought his groceries, etc., to go on his own.  I’ve had a busy time shopping, etc.  One grand rush.  There has been a big hub-bub in here all week with so many of us around.

The weather gets very cool at night here.  I suppose it might be a little cooler in the valley, too, by now.

I don’t know of much news to tell you.  Les and Lillian returned from their honeymoon.  His support hasn’t come yet, so they will have to stay here at Salisbury until it does as our mission doesn’t allow missionaries on the field without support.  They rushed their wedding, really.  They should have waited until he was all ready to begin mission work.  It seems that they never dreamed of all the rules attached.

I received the second box, which had the springs, etc., in.  Thanks so very much.  Nescafe is available here but at a terrific price.  Don’t send Jello, though, as we can get it here, also tea.  As to the drink, Wyn has so much we don’t need any for a while.  The coffee, though, is greatly appreciated.  Thanks heaps.  I shall brew myself a good cup when I get home.  Those springs will begin work immediately, too.  Those in the little box I especially like.  My, everything is expensive here as elsewhere.  I just got groceries.

Well, I must sign off.  I trust that this finds you all well.  Maybe I’ll get a letter from you today at Dawsons.  We go through there.  I also got your letter.  Why worry about Christmas presents yet?  Plenty of time.  Tell Grace to get a picture of the baby.

We must go.


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