March 9, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

March 9, 1951

Dear folks,

Really I don’t have time to write this but I received your letter today sent via Darwin and so I decided I’d write a few lines and send it with the tsetse fly ranger’s post.

I’m in work up to my neck.  I just finished teaching Wyn and now I have junk galore to put back in my bedroom as I’ve finally got that painted and I want to get it back in order soon.  Tomorrow I must work on my circular which I’ve finally got ready to send out.

Excuse hasty writing.

Well I trust that spring is coming your way.  The heat still is here and working these hot afternoons with water pouring off of you is most tiring.  I hope that you haven’t gone to all of that work of cooking nice big dinners for only your immediate family again.  I’m sure that it is very hard on their digestive system to have such a change from the regular – you know what.  Ha.  Yes I imagine it does make a difference with Don gone.  Lois says that they have a nice apartment.  I got three letters from Lill.  I just must write her, but really I’m so busy.  I’m wondering when Grace’s big event takes place??

I’ve painted my bedroom wall gray and it matches the curtains to perfection and it will really look lovely in there when I finish.  Our living room certainly looks nice with what we have.  We lack a comfortable chair or two but otherwise it is lovely.  I even have my trunk – the little one that I had at home – back into use as a studio couch.

School is going along so-so.  I had over three pounds of money stolen from my school desk last week-end.  They opened the bottom of the drawer and took it out that way.  There was lots more money in there but they only took the £3.  Seems funny why they didn’t take it all.  It was money that I got for school fees from the kids.

Well, a boy has come to do some work for me, so I must say – cheers – bye.

Love to all,

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