March 1, 1951

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

March 1, 1951

Dear folks,

I’m dead tired.  I’ve been painting the walls of this living room this p.m. and was at school all morning from 6:30 to 12 p.m. so I’ve had a day.

We have all your baggage down here now.  Last week Orla Blair and family came over to see us in the big truck and they got the bright idea of going into town for our stuff and so they did and here it all is.  Orla, Russ, Wyn, and Lillian went in. They had that big truck full of our stuff and I know that you are as anxious as I was to hear how everything came through.  Well, not a dish was broken.  Isn’t that good?  A couple of the drawers were rather broken apart but I have those fixed now so everything is honkey dory.

The fish rod came OK, too.  The bones were in perfect condition.  Tell Harold.  Already some of the lumber has been used to make those boards above the windows – like this – you know across the top so now I don’t need any old flounce across there.  I’m so pleased with everything.

Everyone thinks that the dishes are lovely.  I can hardly wait to get my room fixed.  It will surely look lovely.  The drapery material looks so pretty.  Wyn had some material for our living room windows.  She certainly has a pile of stuff.  All she needs is a husband.  Those two birds that I got for Christmas look real nice on top of that board above the windows.  A nice nick-nack place.

We really haven’t had much rain.  It rained the night after the Blairs went home quite hard and yesterday it rained a little but not to any great extent.

We didn’t send up for post this week but we shall next week.  I finally got that missing post – two or three of your letters were in it.  It was good to hear about the new car.  Say, did you ever send those pictures that came after I left?  You talked about it, but I’ve never gotten them yet.  Neither did I get any letter from Sentman.

So you’ve been having a real winter this year.  Like in the good ole days, eh?  I’m sure that you are glad that it is March 1 today.

Thanks heaps for sending me that coffee and Nescafe.  Helen sent me three tins with Wyn, but one got lost on the way somewhere so I only have two and Marguerite gave me a few coffee beans so I’ve had some fairly decent coffee for a change.  Don’t get Kool-Aid if you haven’t already as Wyn has tons of it with her.  I’ll let you know when we’d like some.

Yes, my radio is running here tonight.  A good musical is on.  I surely enjoy that radio.  I’ve listened to it already more than I ever did to yours while home.

Oh, yes, I’ve gotten my sewing machine and it is so very nice.  I appreciate having that so much, too.  It is a good Singer.  Now I’d love a button-hole marker, Ha.  This machine is in a wooden suitcase so it is easy to carry around.  It runs so quietly.  I have stacks of sewing to do, too, if I ever can get at it.  Drapes, mending, a dress or two, etc.  Everyone thinks that my dresses are nice.  The new style and all.

They also like my hair now – I even cut it myself a while back.  I’m keeping it short, with no perm, but it is staying lovely.  So now when M. Blair was here she had me cut hers and also Margaret Jackson’s – quite a joke amongst us.  I guess furlough really did things for me.

Anyway I’ve lost quite a lot, too, since I’ve come back to normal living, and I’m aiming to lose more.  As yet, I haven’t sent any pictures that we had taken on the trip.  Everything has been so slow in coming and going that I just haven’t gotten them off yet.  Maybe some day.

Well, I really should bring this to a close as I have oodles of other letters to write yet but that’s not saying that I’m going to write them.  You know I have a big notion just to varnish my chest of drawers and not to stain at all – just the natural color – with gray walls, green bed spread and gray, green, and rose drapes.  It should look lovely.  Wouldn’t you think?  This certainly doesn’t sound like a missionary writing does it – or does it?

Love to you all,

Pass this around.

Stark reality – opening my boxes at Msengedzi, Mary watching

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