March 4, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

4th of March

Dear folks,

This will be written in a hurry as it is 11:30 already at night and in a few hours I have to be on the ball again.  I just finished writing to Inga and Evans.  She sends greetings.  She is still in Salisbury.

Your lovely box came tonight in the post.  I love the calendar.  Thanks so very much.  Thanks, too, for the hose.  I was needing hose very badly.  Ila gave me two for Christmas which came last week and now with these I have oodles.  Thanks, too, for the spices and flavoring.  I have already gotten two boxes of paprika so I gave one to Mary.  I appreciate that nice box of cinnamon, too.  It is better than that out here.  For the Nescafe thanks so much – my what a big bottle.  That should keep me going for a while.

Thanks so very much for the film.  I am right out.  I’ll get it in my camera right away now and maybe I’ll see a few pictures to take.  Poor Sentman – if he expects pictures from me.

Ideals came tonight, too, the Valentine issue.  Everyone is after me for the pictures.  I’d like some myself but I also like the books, so I don’t know what I’ll do.

Well, talk about being surprised.  In one letter you mention the fact about Lois going with that fellow and in the next that she has a ring.  She wrote, too, and mentioned him but that’s all.  Well if he is O.K., I’m very glad for her.

Everything still hums here and I’m kept plenty busy.  I have 14 baby chickens and another hen will be coming off in a day or so.  Lois Dunkeld has had malaria.  I got a letter from Orv and he says that she has had it quite bad.  This is a terrible year for mosquitoes.  We just got ourselves screened in a week or so ago but still the mosquitoes are bad.  I hope that I don’t get the stuff again.  A school kid had it quite bad and I finally had to give him an injection.

The flowers around the place look nice now.

I suppose that by now you have heard why I didn’t write.  Larry was right.  Say who did you say that money was from which you sent in with Don’s?  I’ve forgotten.  It is best to say when you send it in who each amount is from as it is hard for me to remember and if you give the giver’s name they write it on the sheet and then I know, see.

I hope Evans comes along O.K.  How are they managing the work, etc.?  Does Grace stay alone, etc.?  I’ll be looking for the packages of bandages.  I shall write them when they arrive.  Thanks again for all of those things.  Tell Ila and Mary O. that I’ll be thanking them soon.

Love to you all,

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