March 13, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

March 13, 1952

Dear folks,

Your letter of the 3rd came today and I’m glad to hear that you had Orla at your place.  Isn’t he O.K.?  I have liked the Blairs very much.  I’m sure that people will enjoy them very much.  I hope that they can get in at Radio Chapel.  I believe that they would enjoy them.  I don’t know if you’ll get to see the Everswicks or not.  They are supposed to be coming back to this station when they come.

We have been having hot days but it is only when I’m in the garden that I really notice the heat.  My hair always gets soaked with perspiration.  How would you like a teacher who can spell no better than I can?

Is that Dean so-and-so handsome or otherwise?  Larry I suppose it is up to you to give me those minute details.

Well I am so sleepy it seems that I cannot think properly.  On Thursday, I have one class less in the morning and in the afternoon, so I was in the garden until class time.  It doesn’t look very good.  It is too hot and the girls don’t water properly.  Cooler weather will come before too long and then perhaps it will do better for gardening.  I have tomato plants set out, also a few cabbage and some eggplant, but come to think of it I don’t think eggplant does well this time of the year.  We are enjoying oranges and lemons, also avocado pears and some grapefruit.  I don’t care much for avocado pears.

I get meat from Bindura via the bus so that makes it nice.  I got a five pound roast for seven shillings, or I guess that is $1.00 in your money.  Not bad is it?  Also a soup bone for 10 pence, or I suppose 15¢.  Other things cost though.  I got 25 pounds of flour for approximately $2.00.  How does that compare with your price?  I’m not too sure that I am translating that right or not.  It may be more.  I reckon that if 75 is $1.00, then my flour cost about $2.50, so I don’t know.  I had such nice bread last Saturday with this yeast.  It really is nice.  Once in a while send some in an envelope, or did I say that before?

I should go on a diet but I just don’t seem to have what it takes.  What I’ll wear for Conference I don’t know.  I have taken in all of my clothes and I don’t intend to leave them out again.

One of these days I want to use that poultry seasoning.  I have a turkey which Russ brought over in January and I’ve been keeping it until they come to build which will be in two or three more weeks.  Then we are going to have turkey, if we don’t decide to keep it and raise turkeys, which I don’t intend to do.  I have some young roasters out here I’m going to smack my lips over one of these days.

So your deep freezer works nice.  Do you ever keep pies, etc., in it?  I wish you were here to make me a nice lemon pie.  Well, I suppose your men folks are getting the itch to get the ball rolling with that new tractor.  By the way, how has the machine shed proved itself in its location?  Where do you keep the good car?

Well, it is late and I’m very tired so I’ll make a dive for my bed.  I trust that this finds you all well.  I was glad to hear about Evans.  I should write but I guess I’ll wait until this week-end.  How has Grace been managing?  Who helps with the work, etc.?

I hear my dog barking and barking.  I wonder what it sees.  He follows me everywhere.

Love to all,

Lois, Eunice’s younger sister, and that Dean so-and-so

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