January 2, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

January 2, 1955

Dear Mom and all,

Yesterday post came, the first since we returned from town the Monday before Christmas.  The letters which you all had written during Pa’s final illness were there except the one I had previously received and also the one you wrote on the 24th.  I was so thankful that it came in that post.

I was so thankful too, Mom, that you, yourself, sat down and wrote all that was in it at a time like that.  It was such a nice letter and helped me to see you all and to know so many things I wanted to know.  I was glad to hear about the rest of the family and who was there and who was not.  I was so surprised to hear that Jim got home.  I’m so glad that he could.  For myself, you know it is just part of the cost of being a missionary.  But the Lord supplies abundant grace at such a time so don’t do any worrying about me.  Naturally, I long to be with you at such a time but the Lord understands that longing, too.

The cablegram also came which was sent to the Home in Salisbury.  The dates were all on these, etc., but somehow Russ never heard them or something.  Margarette Blair wrote me such a nice letter with the telegram.  They are at the Home now.

It was too bad that Lois’ baby couldn’t have come a little before.  I will be expecting a letter next week-end (that is when we will send again for post) telling about the funeral, etc.

At a time like this you can appreciate your big family.  Marie here is an only child and I think that she has been thinking about what it would be like if one of her parents were called home while she is here, but then the Lord could undertake in that situation, too. I never wrote to Jim so he won’t need to look for that letter.  I received the one he wrote to me in this last post.  He wrote a real good one.  I also got Larry’s.  I’m wondering how long Ila will be home.

Yes, Pa is in glory and as you say, it is a beautiful thought, a wonderful fact.  Marguerite says “death is only leaving one room and entering another” and it is so good, so comforting to know that the other room far surpasses the first room he was in.  She says “it is the only reason we are here in Africa, to get men and women ready for Heaven.”

A little neighboring girl of about ten years old was brought here seriously ill and about the first day she was here she was saved.  A few days later she lay dying and Thelma says that she would go off in sort of a coma and then come back again.  She said that once she said to her mother, after she had come out of one of these, “Don’t care Mother, I’m going to Jesus.”  She seemed to have caught a glimpse of Heaven even before she died and knew that Jesus was waiting for her.  It is such a precious thought to know that Jesus, Himself, is preparing our abode up yonder and He, Himself, is waiting to receive each of His own.  So we sorrow not as those who have no hope, and I believe that God can give us grace, as we are experiencing, that puts a deep peace within us.

Remember my prayers and thoughts are with you all constantly and I’ll try and write again before post goes out.  I’ll try and write to the others too, but this can be for whoever is around.  I’m so glad that they were able to do what I could not.

With much love,

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