January 17, 1955

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

17th January, 1955

Dear Mom,

I warn you ahead of time, I’m afraid that this won’t be much of a letter as my head is swimming with the work of the moment here… Teacher’s Institute, which began today and which I’m in charge of.  All last week I worked preparing for it and now it is in full swing and will be until Wednesday night.  I enjoy that sort of work a lot.  My teacher training which I had way back in high school has helped me along that line no end.

I was glad for Grace’s letter which I received and all the details which she wrote that no one else had written about.  I had a nice letter from Josee Reams with a lovely card.  You certainly got my wire quickly.  It seems that it got there the day after I sent it from here.  I could have said more, but I didn’t have a clue about how much it cost nor how many words, etc.

The Christmas money arrived and I’m truly grateful for it as I’m flat broke and then some.  It seems that I can hardly make my money stretch.  I know I couldn’t if it wasn’t for the gifts I get, mostly from my “hamas1Shona for relatives.”.

I asked what it would cost to build a church here, something like at Msengedzi, and they estimated around $500.  I just tell you this in case it would interest you.  As I said, I know nothing about your feelings on the matter nor about the situation.  I do think that it would be a lovely memorial to Pa.  We know that he would think so, too.

School begins next Tuesday, a week from tomorrow.  I’m really not ready for it either.  We seem to have quite a nice group of teachers this year and they seem like they will be a blessing to the community.  Some are real gems who have been teaching for a period of years now.  We thank God for them.

I suppose everyone has gone except Jim.  I am so glad that he was able to come home.  I am looking for the parcel which you sent.  It hasn’t come yet.  It may not for some time yet.

By the way, my shoes are finishing, as we say here, and I was wondering if you could try some time in Mason at that place where I got my shoes before, if you could get me a couple pairs?  I have a new pair here – my last – which has these numbers in and they may be what you could use to get the right size: 1195 1867 5251 8 – Oxford.  I’d like a brown and a white pair.  I know they cost a lot of money.  I see that they are called Grinnell Sport Shoes.  I think they got them from Cedar Rapids.  Maybe when you are in Mason some time and are able you could see about them.

I must stop now.

Lots of love to you and all,

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