January 13, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

13th January, 1955

Dear Mom and all,

Here it is time for post to go again and, as usual, I have this last minute rush of getting my letters ready.  It never fails.  This coming week the teachers come for Institute and I have that work of getting ready for them this week.  It has kept me going to get everything ready for them.  I’m not finished yet, by any means.

We don’t seem to have much news around here.  Last weekend I got Ila’s letter and one from Gladys.  Peone Knoop wrote a nice letter the day of the funeral.  I will appreciate seeing those pictures so I’m looking forward to their coming.  I would like to know from whom some of the flowers came, etc.  Maybe you can tell me who some were.  I’d just like to know.

We continue to have rains.  Monday night, we were to have a movie, shown by a traveling movie van which is sent around by the government to the different native areas.  The man came and we were going to have it down by the church, three miles from here.  He has an excellent huge projector and screen.  The pictures are good – funny ones and news ones, etc. We got ready and just when we were leaving I said that I thought that it was useless to go as rain was just ready to drop, or rather pour, as the clouds were so black, but the rest said go anyway so we did.

We had a truck load of natives, mothers, children, kids, etc.  Well the truck didn’t even get there before it started to pour – and I mean pour.  We women were in Marie’s car, so we sat in the rain awhile then we decided to come back.  We had three sprouts or creeks to come through.  They always quickly fill with water.  It wasn’t bad when we came to them and we got across O.K. but across the road on ahead we ran into water up over the running board rushing across the road.  So we got stopped in there and just had to sit.  The car wouldn’t start as it was wet.  Finally the rain stopped a little and the water quickly went down where we were and then the car started and we got on home.

The big three-ton lorry was behind about 10 minutes.  It wasn’t so fortunate.  As it went to cross one of the creeks, the water came way up over the headlights and they were in darkness and the car would not back up because of the mud and there they sat.  They somehow all got off the truck – the whole bunch of natives and all – and stood in the rains.  Finally they were able to send a boy to the mission and they finally got help.  The car had to be brought the next day and it was full of water.


p.s. Well it went on and on and I ran out of space at the end.  Anyway we survived the affair but saw no pictures.  Did you have that flu, too?  When does Jim have to go back?

Pulling the three-ton lorry

Reloading the lorry

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