February 23, 1956

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

23rd February 1956

Dear Mom,

You really “bawled” me over with your swiftness.  The yeast arrived yesterday the 22nd.  Quick work, I’d say.  It seems I had hardly sent the letter.  Thanks so very much.  Please don’t send it by air-mail any more.  If you just send it regularly (two packages) once or twice a month by boat mail I’ll be kept nicely supplied.  We just happened to send out for post on Tuesday this week and now we are sending again tomorrow so we’ll certainly have the latest post.

In the post of last week-end I got my support for October, November, and December.  The money that the Missy group or Good Cheer group of the Presbyterian Church of Greene came, $21.00, and something also I got quite a few other gifts from various places.  Bible Witness Mission sent me $20.00 again, also Gladys and Clarence – I guess that is a Christmas gift.  The Young People of the Mission Covenant Church sent me $10.00.  The Baptist Church in Chicago, Marquette Manor, which I attended while at the Bible Witness Mission, sent me another $25.00 which they do every so often.  I was pleased to see these gifts from these places.  When one is on the field as long as I have been, interest can lag, especially when I’m not such a good correspondent.  I got some extra from Sentman, too.  So you see the Lord is faithful.

Of course some of these gifts I do not consider real personal like from my family so I turn them in to the work in general.  I thought this time I’d ask if it might not be applied to the church.  I’ve written Warren to ask how much more than the amount of money which was given has been spent on the church.  I’ll let you know when I hear.

I’m sorry to hear that your income is so reduced this year.  I guess the wheat farmers, especially in Canada, are having it hard as it seems they have no market for the wheat.

Well, I’m going to try and see if I can’t keep my head above water since I’m that way now.  I certainly appreciated that large amount of money which you gave to me at Christmas time.  I really was in need of it.  I don’t have to have a store here for the Africans like I always did at Mavuradonha so that will help a lot.  I guess I’m as bad as you this time just writing about money but personally I don’t mind hearing those things from you.

Say, about old electric irons, I still want them so don’t get any ideas of throwing any away.  I’d appreciate it if you’d let me know if those curios are still in the attic and what shape are they in.  I’d hate to bring anymore home like what is already there, if they are.  I’m waiting for your reaction as to the possibility of my not getting home at the end of this year.

School is going along as usual.  Say, would you please tell Evelyn that the perfume arrived this week in excellent condition and I like it so much.  I just wrote to her a short time ago and my air-graphs are about finished.  I don’t know where it has been all of this time.  It really is a nice essence and I do like something like that once in a while.  In fact I put some on tonight after my bath out under the stars.  Well, this is all for now.  Are you having snow like England is now?


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