February 16, 1956

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Chironga Mission Station
P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
16th February, 1956

Dear Gladys and all,

I’ve been thinking of you so as I’m not so busy, I’ll write a line or two tonight.  I really am not as busy thus far here as I was at Mavuradonha.  I may get more busier when the students start to do Practice Teaching as I’m in charge of that.  We have more than a full class of students training for teachers; a class is 25 and we have 29.  I don’t know just how many of those are for the Southern Baptists but I believe eight.  They were supposed to have 10 but some failed to come.

Excuse my messy pen, etc.  I left my fountain pen at school so I just have one of these pen-holder affairs here at the house.

Although I’m not as busy as at Mavuradonha, yet I put in the hours.  I’m at the office from seven a.m. until five p.m.  I’m usually at the house about an hour at noon.  I have dealings with various teachers who teach in the Practice School which serves as a school for the local children.  We have five teachers teaching them.  I also have classes with the T. T. students.  Well, we pray that all of this effort may be to the furtherance of the Gospel in the days to come.  That is our whole aim in and through it all.

One of the missionaries who teaches in the school is from Britt.  She came out this last May.  I believe we get along well together.  The girl who is the nurse on the station is Walter Olson’s niece.  Do you remember him?  Perhaps not.  He used to have a work in the Ozarks and then he went to India under our mission.  For quite some time he has been doing deputation work at home for the mission.

I have a boy who goes to school in the morning who does most of my work.  He cleans the house, does the dishes, and irons.  I have a girl who washes for me on Saturdays and another smaller boy who cuts my firewood, etc.  So you see I don’t really do much housework.  Of course, none of my help had ever done such things before so they are still in the process of being trained and that is quite a job in itself.

Now, as to yourselves: How are all of you?  Is Clarence still going his fast pace?  It will be good when the schooling is behind you, won’t it?  No doubt you’ll miss it all a lot, too, as you’ve had it so much of your life.  How are the girls?  It will certainly be nice to see you all.  I hope that when I’m home this time I’ll be able to see a bit more of you than last time.  I still am not real sure if I can come next December or not.  I want to know definitely by Conference time the first of May.  The Lord bless you all.

With love,

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