December 2, 1950

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

December 2 and 3

Dear folks,

I’ll begin this tonight.  You see I’m re-reading your letters which you sent to the boat, since I have no others, and I’ll answer those questions in this letter.

  1. No, I didn’t get the slippers nor the bed-room slippers in New York.  Maybe I’ll try here.  I see them in the shops so I’ll let you know.
  2. Salisbury address
    1497 Fern Road
    P.O. Hatfield
  3. The nylon tie-backs must be lovely.  I’m glad that you got them.
  4. As to the pictures that came after I left: I’m glad to hear that they turned out O.K.  Now, as to showing them without glass, you’ll soon ruin them with that projector as they get too hot and crinkle, etc.  Have you found that out already?  That’s why I said, be sure and put them under glass.  I really would love to have them and I’d appreciate if you’d send them to me.  Send them to Salisbury.  Maybe they will get there before I do.  If not, Helen can send them on to me.  Wyn has a thing to look at them with which works very good.  Don’t put the glass on them if you send them to me, that is if you haven’t already.  They will be less expensive and I’m afraid the glass would break.  Perhaps by this time you will have them under glass.  It will be nice if Lois gets a camera.  The projector is yours to use all that you want to.
  5. As to sending a cable, no, I won’t send one.  I’ll write air-mail to the mission and also to you when we get to Beira – O.K. eh?  A cable costs too much and it isn’t necessary.
  6. Will you give me Til and Harold’s address – also Eve’s – when you write to me again?
  7. Did I tell you that I haven’t that tent that I’m supposed to take out for Jacksons with me?  One night here I came to and realized that the box that I was thinking that the tent was in, was the box that Mrs. Nelson sent for me to take over for the Mission Home in Salisbury.  So the tent is still in New York.  So now I’ve written and asked them to send it direct to Africa in my name and I believe that it will work out O.K.
  8. Sunday December 3 – We went to Dr. Campbell G. Morgan’s church where Dr. Lloyd James is the present pastor and we were given a marvelous message on “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.”  He really is super for a minister.  A very scholarly person – excuse my horrible spelling.  I enjoyed it so much.  It is very cold here today and it feels so good just to sit here by the fire.
  9. Wyn and I only brought one suitcase here with us.  So I have only a dress and a suit along but that is enough.  I wear the suit all of the time, the only trouble being that the blouses get dirty and it isn’t too convenient to wash and iron them all of the time.  It won’t be long until we can get into our summer things though.

I guess I’ll write more tomorrow and send this airmail post before we sail.

Monday note:

I’ll try and add a little more but it is difficult to write as we visit so much.

As to letters, believe it or not the one that you wrote on the 27th came today.  I surely was glad to get it and to read all of the news.  I’m so glad that you had turkey Thanksgiving Day.  That was real nice of Til and Harold.  I was glad that you gave all of the newsy bits.  That is what I want.

Today we resumed our inoculations for yellow fever.  We had to have it for going through Portuguese East Africa.

Did I tell you that it has snowed nicely for us today here?  Everything is so beautifully white, so I’m having my last good look at snow.  Mrs. Crisp loaned me one of her coats today as it is warmer than mine.

Mr. Crisp has a lot of big object lessons for children.  They are very good.  He has been showing us some of them.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get Inga’s letter before, but anyway I have enough junk with me for everybody under Africa’s sun.

Well, I think that this is enough for this time.  Maybe I’ll add a bit before I close this tomorrow.



Tuesday December 6

This morning another letter came from you so I believe that I have received all of your letters.  It is cold here, too, and it will be good to get where it is more comfortable.

We have things about in readiness to continue our journey.  We get on board at 2:30 this p.m.

I must not write more as I have to dart off a letter to Wyn’s mother.

I’ll be looking for a letter at Mombasa.

Have a very Merry Christmas.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t get you all a lovely present.

Love to all,

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