April 4, 1954

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission Station
P/B 16, Bindura
4th April, 1954

Dear folks,

It has been ever so long since I have heard from you but perhaps this week a letter will come.  I suppose that by now you have your little chicks and you are busy watching them.  Your birthdays are both passed.  I hope that you are feeling better as far as your eye is concerned.  I am wondering too how Pa is feeling these days.  Has spring come?  It seems that you should be having some nice weather now.  We had it real hot last week end but this one has not been so bad.

We had what we call Quarterly Meetings today and yesterday when all of the people who are Christians in the surrounding areas gather for big meetings.  We had around four hundred but not all were present and of course our school swelled that number.  We had to have the meetings outdoors.  I don’t think that you can have as good a meeting outside as you can inside but we would have no building large enough.

Examinations begin tomorrow and in two and a half weeks we’ll be spinning into Salisbury for a few short days.  And then it will be Conference and then we will be home only a short time and school will be starting again.  So I don’t plan to get much done this holiday.

I really don’t know of much news.  I guess Marie always has bags of things to write about to her folks but I confess I can’t seem to think of much.  I guess she writes about every little thing and I can’t see that anyone would be interested but perhaps they would.

We had tea at the Rillings today.  She doesn’t go in for much fancy style nor is she much of a cook.  I guess he does most of it.  Also the Pruitts are that kind, too.  I’m sure glad that they are married as I hate to get placed with someone who can’t do the common ordinary things.  Honestly young kids at home must not know anything about taking care of themselves.  That is one thing that I don’t appreciate in the person who has to live with me on the Mission Field.  I’ve had two of those kind.

I’ve been trying to reduce but I don’t go down very fast.  I have lost about twelve pounds but I still want to lose more.  I hope that I can get five more off at least by Conference.  It is hard as we have nothing from the gardens.  If I can eat lots of vegetables I can lose without getting very hungry but otherwise I seem to be starving all of the time.  I usually eat a lot of meat.  I am a firm believer in lots of meat to keep one’s strength up and to keep going.  Is meat still like gold to get in the States and is it still wrapped in those fancy little packets?  Can you still get that delicious ice cream?  Remember those good cones we used to buy on the way home from Charles City?  My mouth is watering just now.

I never have written to Jim.  Aren’t I awful?  I seem to never be in the mood and I know that that is the wrong thing.  I’ll try to get it done this week.  I haven’t heard from him either so what I know is just what you wrote.

Excuse this terrible typing.

Well, I want to get this done so I’ll just finish it in pen.

You know that I’ve never had a sheet to wear out yet since I’ve been in Africa.  I still have three pairs nearly new that I came out with my first term.  The other three pair have had lots of wear but I don’t think they’ll finish until I’m ready for furlough and I’ve never had a machine so I don’t see where the natives are so terrible hard on washing clothes.  I don’t vouch for how white they are, though.  My old boiler leaks like a sieve and so I don’t have a way to boil them now.

Well, this will be all for now.  The Lord bless you all.  Greetings to all.  How is Larry?  He’ll soon be out of school.  Is this his Junior or Senior year?


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