April 25, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

25th April

Dear folks,

I’ve been wanting to write this all week since I’ve been in Salisbury but it is sure hard to get at it.  Now it is Sunday evening and about time to go to church.  We came in on Wednesday and leave tomorrow.

Helen, Marguerite, and everyone about is in there and it makes quite a crowd.  We were rushed to get all of our shopping done but I suppose we have finished now.  On Friday we go over to Rusambo for the Conference.

It has been nice here in Salisbury.  I only wish that we didn’t have to rush away so quickly.  For Conference we have to take five dozen cookies, so I have to make those when I get home.  I have to bring a message at the beginning of one of the sessions of Conference so I still have to prepare for that.

I didn’t get any letter from you before I left.  Perhaps one has come now.  I’m wondering how you all are, etc.  Please excuse this letter as I find it hard to concentrate.  You notice my spelling isn’t improving either, sorry to say.

Yesterday we were invited to the Adams’.  They are people whom I met through Inga, a long time ago.  They have a boat out on one of the lakes near here formed by a dam and so he took us up the lake and back.  We had an outboard motor on the boat so it was nice.  We had lunch with them and then went.  When we returned we had a nice dinner.  Then we had another invite to the girl Trudy, who got married.  She was one of our missionaries.  So we went to see her after we left the Adams’.  We really were invited for supper but we couldn’t excuse ourselves from the Adams’ so it was rather a mixed up affair but it worked out O.K. anyway.

The Dunkelds are planning to come home this November.  They are going on a Dutch boat.  The journey sounds interesting so if that works out nicely for them I think I’ll try to come that way when I come again.

Well, I believe that this will be all for now.  Maybe I’ll write again before Conference.  I trust that your eyes are O.K. now and that Pa is feeling O.K. as usual.


[p.s.] Monday a.m. nine o’clock

Now we are off for home.  We are getting gas just now.  Then we have to get a few fresh vegetables and some meat and then we are on our way.  It is going to be a hot trip.  It took us so long this morning to get everything packed into the car, etc.

I’ll try and write before Conference.  I’m sure that there will be no time at Conference.  Bye.


Single ladies and one lone man – Rusambo Conference.  Eunice is third from the right.

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