April 4, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

April 4, 1951

Dear folks,

This will be written in a hurry as I’m supposed to be up at school, but I thought that I should get a line off to you in case post doesn’t go out soon again.  I hate to be rushed like this.

Soon it will be Conference time.  It will also be holiday time from school which suits me to a tee.  It is plenty hot again this morning.  I hope that you are having spring weather by now.

I sent those pictures the other day via regular post.  I hope that you’ll enjoy some of them.  Some I guess you won’t get much from.

What I know for news is nothing really.  Everything is dried up around here.  We didn’t have a speck of rain in March and very little in February.  Now the season is finished.

The people are all in their fields these days watching birds from their grain – what little they have.

We are having trouble in getting someone to go for post so Russ has called in all of the headmen today and is telling them that unless they give us someone to go for post we’ll refuse to carry theirs which is quite an amount.  These people certainly don’t cooperate with you, except to please themselves.  One really gets very little appreciation from them.  Here comes – oh, I thought someone wanted to sell a chicken, but no.  They went by.  They won’t even come with stuff to sell anymore and when they do the price is terrific, so it goes.

Well, I just must get going.  I trust that this finds you all well since you all are a year older.  Even Larry had a birthday a short while back.  Didn’t he?

Russ’s birthday was yesterday, too.  He was 32.


Keeping the birds away

Eunice in the corn

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