March 6, 1953

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

March 6, 1953

Dear folks,

Well, it has been a long time since I have written and just now they want to send the post to the road to wait for a truck that went by awhile ago and will soon be returning.  We are having it hard to get post in or out as the rains have just about made the roads impossible to travel on and we’ve had so much rain.  I’m anxious to hear from you, but when post will come is another thing.  This truck that came didn’t bring anything.  Well, we can only wait until it does come.

The Everswicks and Marie have come.  Marie is teaching now and so that has relieved me but as yet, I still have lots to do in getting myself straightened around but it won’t be bad from now on.  I won’t be so rushed and so over-worked.  I’ll have it nice once I get straightened out.

The chairs and table are on my veranda and I think that it is lovely.  It just fills the need out there.  I sit out there a lot to do my studying, etc., and that table is a good height, etc.  They surely look nice.  I must write Ila, too.  I guess Blairs had it packed with theirs.  Thelma brought out one of those tables like you have in the kitchen with two leaves.  It is grey.  Very lovely.

I’m sorry that I have to do this in such a hurry.  I have a government form to fill out and get in this post, too.

Marie seems to be O.K.  I like her quite well.

Well, I wonder how Pa is.  I’m surprised to hear about your T.V. set.  I’m wondering if you kept it.  I think if it was pleasing and entertaining Pa, you should keep it.  I know that there would be plenty of trash on it but perhaps not as bad as near the big cities and in the East.

Well I’ll write again and take my time but anyway this will let you know that I am around and haven’t forgotten you.  Russ should be finished soon.

The Lord bless you all.  I suppose some of the new arrivals have come already.  That will be more news to look forward to.

I trust that this finds you as well as can be expected.

With love,

Ma (Easter) and Pa (Roy) Ott

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