June 28, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

28th June, 1951

Dear folks,

It is getting late but I believe that I shall  try and get a letter started to you as we have a chance every Friday night to send post out with the tsetse fly ranger’s post boy.  Our post hasn’t come yet this week but it may come tomorrow after noon before this gets on its way.  I didn’t get a letter from you in the last post so perhaps I shall tomorrow.  In fact my post has been on the scant side these weeks.  I’m wondering how you all are and what you are doing.  Here it is time to celebrate the Fourth.

I suppose that you are having warm weather now.  How are the crops?  I am busy now again as I am going out to the villages and I’ve filled my days with them so I don’t have much free time now.  I am going to try and get a circular off, too, in the near future.  Perhaps this Saturday I can get the envelopes typed.  That is always a job that I don’t care much about.

I guess I should make some paragraphs but I’m just too lazy to do so but I guess it doesn’t much matter.

What are your flowers like this year?  Those roses which I have are my pride and joy, even though they are in tin cans.  He gave me some little pansy plants in two tin boxes a week ago so now I am looking forward to them blooming.  It will be some time yet.  We just had coffee out by the fire in the yard.  This evening is the evening on which we have our Christian’s meeting and so that is about all that one gets done.

I have rats in my house.  They come in through the grass roof in the pantry so I keep a cat in the house every night.  It has gotten several.

Russ made me a bed-side table last week so now I feel that I have everything that I could possibly want for in there.  I haven’t finished it yet but I shall do so in the natural the same as everything else in there.

The old goats got into the school garden and ate off several beds of beans last night.  I was so mad and so were the kids.  I have some good carrots coming on down there but that is about all it seems.  I don’t know why I can’t get a decent garden going.  Anyway I’ve had beans for myself for some time now from there.

Today was the Jacksons’ little boy’s second birthday.  They had a little party for him but he really didn’t know what it was all about as most kids at that age don’t.  He really isn’t a child that you take to as he is very independent and always so dirty even though he does get several changes a day.  He is quite a nice looking little fellow though.  Lois Dunkeld is the one whom everyone takes to.  She is a little doll.  And only a pee wee.  So it goes with youngsters.

Wyn hasn’t returned yet nor have we heard from them so when she will be here I don’t know.  Well what is news from your part of the world?  I really would like the latest.

I believe that I shall go to bed now and finish this tomorrow afternoon before I go to the village.

July 3

Here it is the next week.  I’m sorry that I didn’t get this off last week but anyway it will be going tomorrow.  I received your letter of June 6.  I suppose that Charlotte has forgotten about her operation by now and I’m sure that she will be much better now.  I’m glad that she had the operation.  Yes, you folks must go and see Gladys this year.  I’m sure that it will mean a lot to her to have you come.  Just think, she hardly ever has any of her hamas1Shona for relatives in to see her and it would be so nice for you to take off and go.  It would be lovely for you.  If Ila goes she can help with the driving and with your new car you really have no excuse.  It would be lovely for Ila, too.  So you just must go.  I hope that you get up to Eve’s, too.  Goodness, you should visit your children.

I’m sure surprised to hear about Dick’s new car.  I’m glad for them.  Mary must feel quite ritz riding in it after the pick-up for so long.

The warm weather is returning again.  It doesn’t get so very cool at night now so we are headed into real heat again.  It was a nice little break.  I trust that your weather is still so good and that the crops are coming along nicely.  It doesn’t seem like it is the Fourth already.  Is the corn knee-high?

Maybe Wyn will be coming home before so long now.  I heard that Helen went into the hospital some time ago but that is all we know.  This week-end here in Rhodesia is a big week-end called Rhodes and Founder’s and I’ll not have school on Monday and Tuesday of next week as they are part of the holidays.  Of course it doesn’t mean a thing to me or anyone else here at the Mission.

Well news is still scarce as per usual.  I’m still a good typist, too.  Don’t you think?  Well, Larry, I’m pleased to hear that you are keeping the yard spic and span this year.  How I wish that I had a little of your nice lawn to mow.  This is the place to come if you don’t want a job like that.  Just bare ground to sweep.

I suppose everyone is enjoying their holiday.  Say, how about Jim?  Wasn’t he supposed to graduate?  Oh, I believe that that big event comes next year.  Doesn’t it?  Did he play basketball and football this year?  I guess he was playing football when I left.  I’m all mixed on my time.  Did I tell you that I’m really on a diet?  I started two weeks ago and I’ve lost six pounds.  I really mean business.  Margaret is also on one.  I’ll let you know from time to time how I progress.  By and by I’ll send Dick a picture of me nice and slim.  He was always telling me about how fat I was getting.  Has he lost any?  How about Pa?  Did he gain a lot during the winter?  Well my page is finished and it is time I quit.


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