July 19, 1951

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

July 19, 1951

Dear folks,

Your letter of July 2 came this week.  It was a little on the slow side but anyway it was good to get it.  What a letter it was telling about the drownings.  How sad about Edgar Mason.  My, that is hard to see a young Christian like that leave so early but the Lord does not make mistakes.  I’m sure that Ila and Grace felt it keenly.  As to Millers, I knew them very well.  When Aunt Dorothy took her life, he was on the scene immediately.  I feel like writing to them.  I suppose that this is a child that I don’t know.  Their children that I knew would be grown by now.  I can’t remember what their little fat boy’s name was whom I knew.

Well, Wyn is back now and seems to be in love.  The young fellow that came out when we did, only on a different boat, is the man, Martin Uppendahl.  Don’t spread it around.  I don’t suppose the affair is that far along yet so it looks as if I’ll be bridesmaid again one of these days – Ha.  Don’t tell Lillian’s mother.  Just between you and I and the fence post.

Next week, the 29th until Aug 5th, we are having special evangelistic meetings here and so Orla will be coming over and then the Everswicks so we’ll have some company, although with the meetings we’ll be busy and I have school every morning and besides the government school inspector is coming the 30th to inspect my school.  Boy will I be glad when that is over.

Les and Lillian are now at Blairs’ station.  He had his commissioning service last Sunday in Salisbury.  The Home Board has taken on his support until some other source is found for it.

Say, those old rats got into that old suitcase of Inga’s in which I kept all of my shoes and boy, what a time they had.  Those lovely black pumps, which I bought out here before I went home, they ruined.  Those black sandals they ruined.  One shoe of a new pair of white oxfords they ate the one side down a considerable distance and I forget what all they chewed and gnawed at.  I was sort of sick to see it.  I had them in my closet, but I do believe that I have the rats in check now.  I plugged up the holes in the roof and I haven’t seen any since.

I haven’t heard from Inga for ages.  I have a letter here ready to go up to her.  Tell all of my good brothers and sisters who have written to me to have patience.  I’m going to try writing to all of them in one letter.  Airmail costs so much and I hate to send it by boat.

So Ila has moved.  I hope that it isn’t too coolish these days out there nor too wet.  We’ve had what I consider very cool weather for July.  Well it is good for our gardens.  How nice to have some things from the garden.  Yesterday we had a terrific strong wind the whole day.  Dirt blew in clouds so that that was all you could see.  How awful; I simply get all upset on a day like that.  Then when we went to the village, a heavy cloud passed over and dropped a couple of sprinkles and then it turned very cool and the people wouldn’t leave their little fires and huts to gather for a meeting so we came back home after sitting for about an hour.  That’s the first time that I’ve ever experienced that.

Well, I trust that this finds you all well, as it leaves me.  Oh yes, the box arrived with the coffee, ham, tuna, etc.  How lovely.  Thanks so very much.  The coffee is lovely but I think that it costs too much.


Evangelistic meeting – Mr. Back, Orla Blair, Norman Everswick
A group in front of the church

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