January 9, 1954

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

9th January, 1954

Dear folks,

I’ve been waiting for a letter.  Perhaps one will come in the next post Monday nite.  Your big Christmas gift of money $50.00 came and I certainly appreciate it and thank you so much.  One thing I’m [letter torn] special with it is a South African maga[letter torn] which I’ve been wanting.  It isn’t so [letter torn] it will give me some additional reading [letter torn] when I’m wanting something a bit light and relaxing.

Effie left us today to go to another station.  Last night I had a cold supper and invited everyone.  It was nice.  I baked a big cake and Lois Bruton decorated it for me.  It was so pretty and she had written on it “The Lord is with thee, whither soever thou goest.”  I shall miss Effie.  She was a good worker and we got along fine.  We are having Conference over there in April so I’ll see her then.

We haven’t had any rain since Christmas and it has been hot so we are getting pretty dry.  We wish that it would rain but, thus far, there is no sign of it.

I had Teacher’s Institute this week.  That was a lot of work.  We still lack a few teachers.  I’m just waiting to see how things work out.  My holiday (or rather freedom) from school routine will soon be over – just one more week – sorry to say.

Mary Danielson should soon be here.  She landed in Cape Town on Thursday, I believe.

I’m wondering what your winter is like.  Also I’m wondering how Pa is, and how are you, yourself.

Jim surprised me with another of his letters and he spent half of the page telling how long the page was of that airgraph1“Letters were photographed on the sending end, then the negatives were sent by air to the destination end, where they were printed and delivered. The volume and weight of the film were less than one fiftieth of the volume and weight of the letters, so a large number of letters could be transported quickly at a relatively small cost.”  https://alphabetilately.org/airgraph.html and he couldn’t figure out how you found enough stuff to write about to fill one.  Ha.  I think that it is quite nice that he writes to me and he expects an answer, too.  I guess I’d better write before too long.  Maybe tomorrow.

My radio is working good these days and so in the evening I often have it on.  I certainly have appreciated that radio as I’ve raved on before.

I’m anxious to hear about who was home Christmas, what you did, etc., etc.  Ila probably will have a letter to me soon, too.

That girl, Trudy Love, a new missionary who came out just in time for Conference last year, is getting married on the 20th and is leaving the Mission.  She hopes that one day they can return again.  She has been with the Mungers in the Children’s Home in Salisbury.  I don’t know her very well; anyway, I think she rushed things a little.  She was supposed to give a six months’ notice to us, which she didn’t do.  She will have to pay the Mission back all of the money she has received since she became a missionary.  She hasn’t been on the field three years. That is a wad to return – traveling money, etc.

Love to all,

Eunice and Effie Byrd mountain climbing

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