January 30, 1955

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

January 30, 1955

Dear Mom,

4:00 p.m.

It will soon be time for the meeting.  We always have one on Sunday at four during the school time.  The bell is ringing now, so I’ll not anymore than get started.

I received your letter of the 10th yesterday.  I was real glad to hear from you and about all the things which you mentioned.  Your box also came and today I’ve really been feasting.  I had ice cream for dinner and then shortly afterwards I had popcorn.  It was all over the box when it got here, but it pops very good.

Thanks for all of the nice things that were in it.  Everyone marvels at those anklets.  Russ Jackson got some socks like that in a package while we were in town.  I didn’t see them but some did.  I really needed that pair of stockings. I don’t think that I have one pair that survived my last trip to town.  About the yeast, don’t send so much at one time as I am unable to use it up before it becomes old.  I see there are several packets that are dated February and it seems that it doesn’t work too well much after that time.  Sometimes it is O.K. for a month or so longer and sometimes not.  I have been out of it for a long time so it will be nice to use it again.  I’m going to ask if there is someone here on the station who can use some of it.

9:00 p.m.

You see it is somewhat later now.  I really should have returned to this job but I must say I don’t take to it too readily.  I was wondering what your plans were in regard to staying on the farm?  I think that it would be a good idea if you could get a nice little place in town for later on or doesn’t that appeal to you at all?  As you say, it will work out and the Lord will make it a nice arrangement, too, so we need not concern ourselves about it now.

School is now in full swing so you can know what I’m doing every day.  We have around 160 enrolled I believe.  I believe that I’ll add more to this later in the week as I don’t expect any post to go out until Friday.

February 1

Although the post won’t go out for a day or so yet, I’ll get this finished as I don’t see much free time ahead.  It is a rainy evening.  It has been quite rainy for several days now.  My work is out in it.  I don’t remember when I had a work out in the rain before.  I suppose our roads are quite impossible now.  I hope that we get our post sent out on a bicycle this Friday but if it is raining I doubt if anyone will want to go.  If you don’t hear from me just know that we are having difficulty getting post in or out.

My radio is still working lovely.  I just have the news on now.  I get such good music.  It is a real blessing to me.  I guess you’ve heard me rave about it before.

I feel like more popcorn tonight.  Maybe I’ll have some, too.  Is this grown by Larry?

I had my women’s class late this afternoon, the Bible school students’ wives.  They are beginning to read some but they still have much to learn.  I hope that by the time that they leave that they’ll be able to read their Bibles.

I’m enjoying the Life Savers which came in your parcel.  I’ve worn the anklets and they feel lovely.  Very nice indeed.  Well, I guess that this will be all for now.  I trust that this finds you well and that you aren’t working too hard.  So Jim is going to get married the next time he is home.  I don’t suppose that she’ll have an elaborate one, will she!  Well, this is all for this time.

With love,

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