January 2, 1952

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

January 2, 1952

Dear folks,

It is really not the time of the day (8 a.m.) to be writing letters but maybe I’ll get this done before it is time for the bus.  We will be getting post three times a week now.  So you will probably get my letters quite quickly as they go direct to Bindura from here.

We’ve been having oodles of rain these days up here.  A typical rainy season so they say.  I’ve never seen one yet.

So far no more packages have come yet.  We all are looking for some.  I had my New Year’s affair Monday nite.  The Jacksons didn’t come.  I suppose they will come for this week-end if travel is possible, as we have special meetings then.  I had ham for meat – from a tin – and etc., etc.  My roses continue to bloom nicely.  They surely have been nice.

News is scarce.  I have Inga’s cook boy.  He has always been here as a cook for someone.  Ever since I’ve been in Africa he has been here.  He does my washing, ironing, and everything and does very nicely so I don’t have too much worries along that line.  School begins around my birthday I believe.  I’ll have as much to learn as the students.  I’m teaching the Brutons the language now so that takes some of my time.  If the Knapps come out during the rainy season I will also have to teach them, so I’m informed.

How is everything in Iowa?  Nice and cold, I suppose.  Well, I have some boys supposedly working around in the yard fixing some flower beds, pulling weeds, etc., so I suppose I should look and see how they are reclining on their hoe handles.  They are a lazy lot.

Well, I trust that this finds you all well.  I’ll try and write a more decent letter the next time.


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