April 5, 1956

Picture of Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

5th April, 1956

Dear Mom,

Cliff is going to try to go to Darwin tomorrow to get corn ground for the students so they can have their “sadza1Shona for a cooked maize meal that is a staple food.”.  I don’t think that he will find the roads very smooth.  I’m sure that they will be badly washed.  We haven’t had any rain now and it appears that they have finished.  We might get a few showers.

Your yeast came the other day.  I was interested in what you said about the crumb cake.  I’m glad you all enjoyed it, too.  I like a date cake, too, without frosting.  You take a cup of dates and put a cup of hot water over them and soda.  Let stand until cool, then add egg, sugar, flour, etc.  It is nice I think.  Yes, I could make raised donuts but I never do.  We have oil, you know.  We buy it by the gallon.  I try not to use it too much and especially now when I can get plenty of milk and make my own butter.  Once in a while I make the other kind of donuts, but not often.  They always liked them at Mavuradonha.

The Brutons have a baby girl now.  They named her Barbara June.  The Cedarholms have a new son, John Carl.  That makes them two boys and a girl.  The Brutons, two girls.  Pam is over five years old now.

I had Cliff kill my dog yesterday.  He hasn’t been well for a long time and I could see he was only getting worse.  When I go to Salisbury I want to get a cat.  Not because I like them, but because I need them to keep the rats down in my house.  They come in through the roof and I haven’t any clever ideas how to stop them, but a cat will help keep them down.  I’ve been using Cedarholm’s cat since they’ve been in town.  I hope I can get one as nice as theirs.

I hope that you got to see those pictures on African animals.  Was it taken in Kruger National Park or was it somewhere in Kenya in East Africa?  I’d be interested in knowing and in how you enjoyed them.  Just think, you can sit in your living room and see such pictures.  Very marvelous indeed.  I’m looking forward to seeing some interesting things on T.V.

Monday, of this week, was Easter Monday and there was no school so I spent the day sewing.  I made a blouse and two pairs of scoffers to wear in the house in the evening.  They look real nice.  I don’t have any bedroom slippers and I often want to wear something like that to rest my feet and so now I am all set.  I fixed up some of my bed dresses.  Several of mine that Ila gave me are just getting finished now.  I’ve worn some of them for a long time, too.

Well, I am at the end and there isn’t any other news.  I trust you are well.  Grace sent me a picture of their house.  Very nice indeed.


Eunice at Chironga, April 1956

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