April 14, 1953

Eunice Ott

Eunice Ott

Missionary with the Evangelical Alliance Mission

Mavuradonha Mission Station
P/B 16, Bindura
Southern Rhodesia, Africa
14th April, 1953

Dear folks,

Last night I got ambitious and wrote ten carbon copies of a letter to all of my immediate “hamas1Shona for relatives.” but I decided that I wouldn’t send that to you, so you see you are lucky.  School is just about finished for this term.  I still have some last minute work to do and an exam to give today but I’m not too rushed, therefore all of the letter writing.  I suppose that spring has come to Iowa and that the days are balmy, or are they anything but?  Perhaps lots of rain.  Eh?  We’ve been having it very hot.  It will certainly be hot at Msengedzi if it keeps this up.  We will be a lot at Conference this year.  I believe twenty eight adults, not including the children.  They will be a wild bunch as I know some of them from away back.

Perhaps when Brutons come from town I’ll get a letter from you.  They should be home today.  I haven’t heard for quite some time now but then we haven’t had post too often either.  The bus hasn’t started to run regularly yet.  It should begin soon.  I believe that it will come for the school kids on Thursday.

I ordered several things from town including a lot of groceries.  I also asked Lois to try and get me some material so that I could make a dress for myself to wear at Conference.  I hate that job, too.

How are your chickens?  How about the rest of the livestock?  Our old cows are in a run-down state.  We need to get some new stuff and a good bull but it all costs a lot of money so it doesn’t get done.  However we still get milk and that is a real blessing and my hens continue to lay.  I need a new rooster.  One of our native teachers says that he is going to get himself one this holiday on some farms near Bindura, pure-bred ones, so he says that he will get me one, too.  That is music to my ears as I don’t know where to get any.  Here is hoping that he succeeds.

How is Pa?  Perhaps I’ll hear today.  Then I can add more to this before it goes in the post.

I don’t really know any news at all.  You can easily tell that.  I have an arithmetic problem laying here which a boy wants me to work for him when I get time so I suppose that I should get at that now.  It is one of those complicated things.  It is beyond me why I am teaching arithmetic when it was one of my worst subjects when I was in school.  Most of my students in Standard Six failed their arithmetic test, too, this time.  Maybe it is their teacher’s fault.  Well I shall call it quits for now.

Wednesday evening:

Well no one has come yet, not even a bus to take the school kids tomorrow morning.  We thought sure that the Brutons would have been home by now but there is probably a reason why they aren’t.  We had a little rain yesterday and so it has cooled off somewhat.

I guess if I get a chance I’ll send this whether I hear from you or not, as it is time that I get one off to you.

The school kids are packed and all ready to leave in the morning so here’s hoping something comes to get them.

I must get my clothes fixed up for Conference now.  I still have some book work to do in regard to school.

I trust that you are as well as when I last heard from you.  I am anxious to hear again.  The Lord bless you.  Well, soon Jim will be finished with his high school days, won’t he?  How is little Larry?

Love to all,

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