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March 16, 1954

Mavuradonha 16th March, 1954 Dear folks, I should have written before but I’ve just been waiting to hear from you again.  The post hasn’t come yet this week.  It should come on the bus tonight. I guess that it will come late tonight.  I hate when it comes in the

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March 4, 1954

Mavuradonha P.B. 16 Bindura 4th March, 1954 Dear folks, Your letter came in the last post with the pictures.  Thanks so much.  They were good of Jim, especially the one.  The one with Louise wasn’t as good of him.  She is very nice looking I think.  I haven’t written to

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February 13, 1954

13th February 1954 Mavuradonha Dear folks, I just realized as I wrote the above date that it is your wedding anniversary.  It is your 41st, isn’t it?  I haven’t heard from you since that letter you wrote about Jim having to go overseas, so I’ve never heard any more.  We

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