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February 4, 1951

Msengedzi Mission Station P/B 6  P. O. Dawson February 4 Dear folks, It seems as if it has been ages since we have sent any post out and also have received any.  We had a big downpour of rain a week ago and it flooded all around so travel has

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February 12, 1951

February 12 13th Your Anniversary Dear folks, Tomorrow is your 38th anniversary.  May the Lord bless you in a special way. We sent up for post last week and the boy returned saying that there wasn’t any post up there for us.  It is quite a complicated mess now trying

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February 16, 1951

Msengedzi M. S. P.O. Dawson P/B 6 16th February, 1951 Dear folks, At noon today the boy returned with a small amount of post and among it was a letter from you dated February 1.  The last letter which I got from you before this one was dated January 8

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March 2, 1956

Chironga Mission Station P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin Southern Rhodesia, Africa 2nd March 1956 Dear Gladys, Clarence, and girls, Probably you are enjoying a bit of spring by this time.  We have had a very rainy month.  I believe that it rained practically every day in February.  We had rain all

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March 1, 1956

Chironga Mission Station P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin 1st March, 1956 Dear Mom, I’m waiting now for another letter.  We got post on Tuesday of this week but there wasn’t any from you in it.  We certainly have been having lots of rain.  I guess nearly every day this month it

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February 23, 1956

23rd February 1956 Dear Mom, You really “bawled” me over with your swiftness.  The yeast arrived yesterday the 22nd.  Quick work, I’d say.  It seems I had hardly sent the letter.  Thanks so very much.  Please don’t send it by air-mail any more.  If you just send it regularly (two

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