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April 8, 1952

Mavuradonha April 8 Dear folks, I didn’t hear from you this past week.  I rather looked for a letter in tonight’s post but I didn’t get one from anyone. Are you having spring weather?  I read in the newspapers out here that there have been several tornadoes around in the

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March 27, 1952

Mavuradonha March 27, 1952 Dear Larry, Your very good letter came the other day, so I’ve decided now is the best time to answer, even though I may go to sleep on the job.  I have waited for a letter from you before writing as I believe that it has

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March 13, 1952

Mavuradonha March 13, 1952 Dear folks, Your letter of the 3rd came today and I’m glad to hear that you had Orla at your place.  Isn’t he OK?  I have liked the Blairs very much.  I’m sure that people will enjoy them very much.  I hope that they can get

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