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April 25, 1954

25th April Salisbury Dear folks, I’ve been wanting to write this all week since I’ve been in Salisbury but it is sure hard to get at it.  Now it is Sunday evening and about time to go to church.  We came in on Wednesday and leave tomorrow. Helen, Marguerite, and

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April 4, 1954

Mavuradonha Mission Station P/B 16, Bindura 4th April, 1954 Dear folks, It has been ever so long since I have heard from you but perhaps this week a letter will come.  I suppose that by now you have your little chicks and you are busy watching them.  Your birthdays are

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March 25, 1954

Mavuradonha 25th March, 1954 Dear folks, I’m wondering how your eyes are by now.  I just got a letter from Kathryn telling me that they were sore when she was writing.  I also got one from Grace.  I was glad to hear from them.  My post isn’t too fat these

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