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January 10, 1951

Zanzibar January 10, 1951 Dear Gladys, Tonight I’m rather at loose ends as to what to do so I guess that this is as good a time as any to get a few lines off to you and yours.  As yet we haven’t arrived at Zanzibar but we should be

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January 11, 1951

The last letter en route. January 11, 1951 After Zanzibar Dear folks, Being that I’m at a loss as to what to do, I’ll start this and post it when I get to Beira, as I’ll not have time once I get there.  We arrived at Zanzibar last night around

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January 18, 1951

Salisbury January 18, 1951 Dear folks, Several times today I’ve thought of this being the big day for Don and DeLores.  I must write to them soon. We arrived in Beira on the 14th and Martin, the new missionary of ours, met us there and he was able to take

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March 1956 Circular

The Evangelical Alliance Mission 2839 West McLean Avenue Chicago 47, Illinois Chironga Mission Station P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin Southern Rhodesia, Africa March, 1956 Dear Friends, Greetings in Jesus’ name.  It has been quite some time since you have heard from this little spot in the bush of Africa.  Here are

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March 21, 1956

Chironga 21st March, 1956 Dear Mom, I’ll start this today.  Post won’t go out for a few days yet. Well we are just experiencing a most unusual amount of rain for March.  Since yesterday morning we’ve gotten more rain than we did all of February and you know that I

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March 16, 1956

Chironga 16th March, 1956 Dear Mom and Larry, I thought I’d write his name, too, although I suppose he always reads them all anyway.  It is a bit late so I won’t tarry long at this just tonight. I’ve worked all evening on my prayer letter.  I wrote fifteen letters

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