Love to all, Eunice


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December 25, 1950

December 25, 1950 My dear ones, I shall begin this and I’ll mail it when we get to Mombasa as that will be our next stop at the end of this week.  It is now 3:15 p.m. and I guess that you are nine hours behind us so that makes

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December 29, 1950

Mombasa December 29 Dear folks, Well, today I got your letter which you wrote on December 18 and I was certainly glad to hear from you.  It seems like ages and ages ago since I left home and so many things have come along my pathway that it seems as

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January 6, 1951

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika January 6, 1951 Dear folks, I guess I haven’t written to you since we were at Mombasa.  We left there on Tuesday.  Have been at Tanga, and now it is Saturday.  We’ve just anchored out in the bay from Dar-es-Salaam and will be here until Tuesday or Wednesday

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April 5, 1956

5th April, 1956 Dear Mom, Cliff is going to try to go to Darwin tomorrow to get corn ground for the students so they can have their “sadza”.  I don’t think that he will find the roads very smooth.  I’m sure that they will be badly washed.  We haven’t had

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March 22, 1956 – Dear Gladys and all the family

Chironga 22 March, 1956 Dear Gladys and all the family, I was real glad to get your letter written the first part of this month.  By the time this reaches you your Clarence won’t have much time left there anymore.  Well I certainly congratulate him upon his achievement.  It has

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March 22, 1956 – Dear Ruth and family

Chironga 22nd March, 1956 Dear Ruth and family, I was so glad to get your letter which came quite some time ago.  I was glad to hear about your family.  I hope, too, that I can visit you when I’m home.  I’m not too certain if I’ll get home this

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