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July 7, 1955

Mavuradonha 7th July, 1955 Dear Mom, Believe it or not, it is only about 5:30 p.m., not 10:00 p.m., that I’m getting at this letter.  I’m feeling real pleased with myself, too.  This coming week-end extends to Wednesday as Monday and Tuesdays are holidays.  Rhodes and Founders they are called. 

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June 24, 1955

Mavuradonha 24 June, 1955 Dear Mom, Well, today is the day when we go to the Salvation Army School to play ball.  We are having school this morning and then we go at noon.  We want to leave very soon after we eat as we want to go on into

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June 17, 1955

Friday, 17th June, 1955 Dear Mom, I’ll get this started down here at school.  Norman is going to Darwin today and so he will take the post and also get it. We got a letter by a runner last night from the Blooms who are at the station where I

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