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December 13, 1954

Salisbury 13th December, 1954 Dear folks, This is Monday and we came into town last Wednesday and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had time to write but this morning [text missing – letter torn] we go shopping I’ll get this off to you. First, I want to wish you

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November 5, 1954

Mavuradonha Mission Station 5th November, 1954 Dear folks, I decided that tonight I would get some of my letters written as Warren is planning to make a trip to town for some building supplies and so that will give us an opportunity to send out post.  The bus is not

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June 18, 1954

Mavuradonha 18th June, 195[4] Dear folks, It seems as if when the post comes this next [text missing] be getting a letter from you.  Here’s hoping.  It [text missing] yet tonight.  Of course it might not come but we always look for it on Sunday night.  This next week-end Cabot

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