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December 30, 1954

Mavuradonha 30th December, 1954 Dear Mom, The men went over to our new station on Tuesday (this is Thursday) which is 45 miles from here and near Mt. Darwin.  Russ Jackson also came there as they had some business in regard to laying out the sites for foundations of buildings. 

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December 27, 1954

Mavuradonha 27th December, 1954 Dear folks, I still haven’t received any post from you as we haven’t gotten it, but we are hoping to get it this week.  I am anxious to get it, as you can imagine. Christmas has come and gone.  We had a very nice one too. 

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December 21, 1954

Mavuradonha 21st December, 1954 Dear Mom, We got home yesterday O.K. in spite of the rainy weather.  The roads were O.K. yet.  When I got home I received the letter from Grace telling about Pa.  I am anxious to hear more, but with our post situation the way it is

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