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May 13, 1956

Chironga Mission Station P.B. 5, Mt. Darwin Southern Rhodesia, Africa 13th May, 1956 Dear Mom, I got your letter saying you’d received mine about the dog bite.  I don’t know if I told you how I got along with the injections, but I didn’t have any reaction at all which

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May 9, 1956

Salisbury 9th May, 1956 Dear Mom, I’ll try and get this letter off before I go home.  We got back from Conference on Tuesday.  Most of them got back on Monday but the Field Committee had to meet on Monday and then some of us had to go see a

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April 23, 1956

Salisbury 23rd April, 1956 Dear Mom, Tomorrow I go out to Kapfundi for Field Committee and then next week is Conference. I came to town a week ago.  I hadn’t expected to come in so early but I was bitten by a mad dog on the Friday before and a

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