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April 21, 1952

Mavuradonha April 21, 1952 Dear folks, It is 8:00 a.m. Monday and soon post must go but I’ll try and get a line off to you.  I’ve been neglecting my letter writing something awful these weeks.  I’ve heard from you last week and I got those pictures from Ila which

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April 8, 1952

Mavuradonha April 8 Dear folks, I didn’t hear from you this past week.  I rather looked for a letter in tonight’s post but I didn’t get one from anyone. Are you having spring weather?  I read in the newspapers out here that there have been several tornadoes around in the

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March 27, 1952

Mavuradonha March 27, 1952 Dear Larry, Your very good letter came the other day, so I’ve decided now is the best time to answer, even though I may go to sleep on the job.  I have waited for a letter from you before writing as I believe that it has

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